Connie is 100 Years Old

IMG_20170902_143429371 (003)

Our neighbour Connie, now in a home, is celebrating her 100th birthday today.  She is an amazing person, with a ready smile and positive outlook – an inspiration and a shining example.  She used to hobble to the door, using a broom for a walking stick, and no matter how poorly she might be feeling, […]

Crabapple Tree with Roses

Rose-covered tree, 6-2017

Crab Apple Tree with Roses   The roses are coming into their own.  The crab apple tree is losing out to this white climbing rose, which has just about conquered it.  We’ll miss the pickled crab apples, but we think it’s a fair trade-off.  Note the new gate to the right of the tree – […]

Happy New Year

Four Gables B&B

Happy New Year The other morning it was too icy and foggy to cycle, so we went for a long walk along the river instead. The sun was just breaking through and melting the hoar frost on trees and grasses; it was lovely. And Poppy was very happy to be walking with us. So we […]

Merry Christmas!

Four Gables B&B

Merry Christmas! Here it is again, my annual Christmas cake production. I keep thinking I’ll cut down the list of recipients, but so far I haven’t managed it (at all). As we were away most of November, I was quite pushed for time, so I wasn’t able to decorate them all individually – had to […]

Better Wifi!

Four Gables B&B

Better Wifi! We are pleased to tell you that access to our wireless internet system is much improved. One of the drawbacks of a lovely historic house is that the walls are a foot thick in places, which makes it more difficult to get wireless broadband into each room. But we have found a solution: […]

Six Quince!

Four Gables B&B

Six Quince! A friend of ours managed to procure 6 lovely quince fruit for us; they came from Provence. So here’s what I did: I cut up the quince, discarding only the stem and flower and boiled them with water until they were very soft, then strained them through a jelly bag to extract the […]

Blue Plaque

Four Gables B&B

Blue Plaque If you’ve walked around Boston Spa recently, you may have noticed the blue plaques that have been installed in about a dozen locations of historic interest. There is a brochure available with two walks that incorporate these. Well, as Four Gables is of historic interest as a fine example of an Arts & […]

Congratulations to David

Four Gables B&B

Congratulations to David For the third year running, David has won a gold award in the Leeds in Bloom “Summer Business” competition. David works very hard in the garden, as you’ll have noticed if you’ve seen it, and he likes to make changes all the time. This year he added the birches on the front […]

Walks in Boston Spa

Four Gables B&B

Walks in Boston Spa If you’ve walked around Boston Spa recently you may have noticed the new blue plaques identifying historic buildings and other sites in Boston Spa (such as the bridge) – the Council has installed 11 of these in the last few months. To facilitate a first-hand view of all the plaques while […]