A good crop of figs this year – we are picking dozens every day; have had two days when more than 100 fruit came off our tree. When the cold weather hit a couple of weeks ago, we thought they were done with, but then it warmed up again, and they keep on coming. Today was one of the high-yield days: David brought two buckets full into the kitchen and left me a note that said, “No pressure!” (I was out with the dog).

The thing with figs is, they don’t freeze very well, at least not in their natural state – they change in texture and taste, and not in a good way. Once they’re cooked, however, they freeze just fine.

We are eating as many as we can (there are limits…) – they’re especially nice grilled with goat’s cheese as a starter. Had a fig clafoutis for dessert last night. Have also roasted some, sprinkled with rum, cinnamon, and brown sugar: they will go into the freezer, and by deepest winter we will be pleased to haul them out and have them with vanilla panna cotta, or just some ice cream or Greek yoghurt.

For the breakfast table – have made two big batches of fig and apple jam, same as last year, lightly spiced with aniseed, cinnamon, and orange peel. And I’m making plenty of compote, baked in the oven, which will freeze well.


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