Six Quince!

Six Quince!

A friend of ours managed to procure 6 lovely quince fruit for us; they came from Provence. So here’s what I did: I cut up the quince, discarding only the stem and flower and boiled them with water until they were very soft, then strained them through a jelly bag to extract the juice. Added sugar and lemon juice and made 10 jars of jelly (some were just small jars). Then I pushed the left-over fruit through a sieve, stirring stirring until only the pips and skin were left – all in all, I discarded only 2-3 ounces of skin and pips. To the pureed fruit, I added some of our figs and sugar and made jam – ended up with another 14 good-sized jars of quince & fig jam.

Six quince = 2 dozen jars of jelly and jam. Not bad!


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