Walks in Boston Spa

Walks in Boston Spa

If you’ve walked around Boston Spa recently you may have noticed the new blue plaques identifying historic buildings and other sites in Boston Spa (such as the bridge) – the Council has installed 11 of these in the last few months.

To facilitate a first-hand view of all the plaques while providing more information, a brochure has been produced describing 2 circular walks around Boston Spa, each about 1½ miles long, which can be combined into one longer walk. The Eastern Trail starts in front of the library and takes you up the High Street to Wharfeside, down to the river and back along the riverside path, with a chance to read all of the plaques along the way. The Western Trail lets you take in more of the natural scenery, taking you along the river to Jackdaw Crag, then up Deep Dale Valley and back along the High Street.

Brochures are available for only 20p from the library and Yeadon’s Hardware Store. You can also download the brochure here.

The autumn colour is lovely at the moment and should stay that way for another few weeks. Enjoy the walk!


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